It has a rather wild and romantic feel and is a colourful mixture of flowers and kitchen garden.

There is a wild herb and wildflower meadow at the back of the garden and a deadwood hedge right next to it. Biodiversity is important to me. This is now a reason to feed the birds all year round.

At some point in the summer, the fruits of the mulberry tree, the rock pear, the elderberry, the civet and the grapes ripen. A feast for the birds. It’s fun to watch them.

There is a raised bed behind the fountain and various herbs grow in many places. There’s a lot from my garden on the breakfast table, including from my fig tree, which bears fruit up to twice a year.

Plants and garden furniture are kept in the large greenhouse in winter. In summer, the bikes/e-bikes can be stored and charged there, and tomatoes also grow there. There is also enough space to sit outside in the garden despite the rainy weather.

Usually in March, the blooming magnolia heralds the arrival of spring, alongside tulips, crocuses, daffodils and daisies.

The hammock is stretched between the framework of the kiwi bush and the old apple tree.

Everyone can find a place to relax in the garden, however they like it.

And it makes me happy when my garden is used!

By the way, I only plant historical rose varieties. Reading almost all the Agatha Christie novels, which I started during the corona pandemic, inspired me to do this.

My island of happiness.

It’s easy to spot my favourite place. In the morning with a coffee, when everyone is still asleep. Just like the view of my garden in the evening, it seems a bit kitschy, but it’s wonderfully calming.

With a gin fizz, a good glass of wine or a beer and maybe a cigarette (all my smoking guests are allowed to smoke outside), a day comes to a wonderful end and a new one begins tomorrow, which I’m already looking forward to today!