About me & my favorite places

VatiI’m the daughter of a cologne conductor, who played with his dance orchestra in the pre-war on the spot during the season where he met  my mother, born in an old-established landlord family, got to know and love her. Some of her and thus also my ancestors and family members are closely connected to the history of today’s town Bad Breisig.

Vati & MuttiIt is obvious that since my earliest youth I have an affinity for the fine arts and good food, at some point the love for oddities and the interest in local history was added.

I’m married to the art dealer Dr. Thomas Schmitz-Avila, our two sons Lennart Neumann and Julian Schmitz-Avila have been running the  Rheinland Antik business for some time, and many of my furnitures and accessories are from there.

It’s been some years now since have bought this imposing house, I gave myself as  birthday gift, when I turned 50. Built around 1880 as a summer residence for the textile manufacturer Wilhelm Montz of Mönchengladbach and his second wife Franziska, née Soltau, daughter of Frankfurt pianoforte manufacturer – what a delightful old-style job title. My adolescent dream of having my own Bed & Breakfast thus came true! Naturally, I’d envisaged rather Southern climes, however, this way, the building survived and I have remained in my native region. I, as an architect, took great pleasure in decorating and furnishing the house, despite all the hard work involved.

I hope you will spend a lovely time in my B & B! If you are interested, I will be happy to tell you more about the 140-years’ lifetime of my villa, my favorite places near by or special places in the distance I visited, for example:

The Rhine river has something, especially in the morning!

RheinEverybody, also a late riser, should one time during his stay get out of bed early,  to visit the nearby Rhine river before breakfast. The sunrise in different color variations, above the surface of the water,   as smooth as glass, hardly ships on the way and only a few people like these, they meet every morning to start the day with a cup of coffee at the Rhine river promenade,  children on her way to school, dogs with their  attachment and early-morning exerciser. This feeling is impossible to describe, you have to experience it.

Brother Klaus Field Chapel, from my favorite architect Peter Zumthor







Kolumba (art museum of the archdiocese of Cologne), also from Peter Zumthor







Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, especially in clear weather







Hessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt










My island of happiness!

Version 2It is easy to see, my absolutely favorite place with the evening view on my garden. A little bit kitschy it is, but marvelous calming!

Caro2With a gin fizz,  a good glas of wine or beer and optionally also a cigarette (all of my  smoking guests may smoke outdoor), a day is beautiful coming to an end and tomorrow starts a new, to which I’m already looking forward!